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(ns clj-web-crawler
(:import (org.apache.commons.httpclient HttpClient NameValuePair URI HttpStatus)
(org.apache.commons.httpclient.cookie CookiePolicy CookieSpec)
(org.apache.commons.httpclient.methods GetMethod PostMethod DeleteMethod
TraceMethod HeadMethod PutMethod))
(:use [ :only (slurp*)]))
(defn redirect-location
"Returns the redirection location string in the method, nil or false if
not being redirected."
(let [status-code (.getStatusCode method)
header (.getResponseHeader method "location")]
(if (or (= status-code (HttpStatus/SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY))
(= status-code (HttpStatus/SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY))
(= status-code (HttpStatus/SC_SEE_OTHER))
(= status-code (HttpStatus/SC_TEMPORARY_REDIRECT)))
(if-let [location (and header (.getValue header))]
(defn to-str
"Converts a value to a string, accounts for keyword"
(if (keyword? s) (name s) (str s)))
(defn keys-values-to-strs
"Converts the given map keys and values to strings."
(apply hash-map (mapcat (fn [[k v]] [(to-str k) (to-str v)]) map1)))
(defn method
"Creates a commons-client method type object with the given path and type.
A type can be one of: :post, :get, :put, :delete, :trace or :head. If no
type is supplied :get is the default. You can supply a url-params hash like:
{:login \"foo\" :password \"bar\"}."
([path type url-params]
(let [key-type (cond
(> (count url-params) 0) :post
(nil? type) :get
:else (keyword type))
p (if (.startsWith path "/") path (str \/ path))
m (cond
(= :post key-type) (PostMethod. p)
(= :delete key-type) (DeleteMethod. p)
(= :put key-type) (PutMethod. path)
(= :trace key-type) (TraceMethod. p)
(= :head key-type) (HeadMethod. p)
:else (GetMethod. p))]
(doseq [[k v] (keys-values-to-strs url-params)]
(.addParameter m k v))
([path type] (method path type nil))
([path] (method path nil nil)))
(defn client
"Creates a HttpClient for the given server."
(let [c (HttpClient.)]
(.. c (getHostConfiguration) (setHost (URI. host true)))
(defmacro crawl
"Sends an HTTP request to the server. Pass in a body to examine
the status code, response, etc. All resource associated with
the method will be freed up at the end of the macro."
([#^org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient server
#^org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase method & body]
(.executeMethod ~server ~method)
(finally (.releaseConnection ~method))))
([server] (crawl server (method "/"))))
(defn response-str
"Returns the response from the method as a string."
; uses slurp* here otherwise we get a annoying warning from commons-client
(slurp* (.getResponseBodyAsStream method)))
([method client]
(let [redirect (redirect-location method)
new-method (if redirect (method redirect))]
(if new-method
(crawl client new-method
(response-str new-method))
(response-str method)))))
(defmulti crawl-response (fn [server method] [(class server) (class method)]))
(defmethod crawl-response
[String String] [server http-method]
(let [c (client server)
m (method http-method)]
(crawl c m
(response-str m c))))
(defmethod crawl-response
[String org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase] [server http-method]
(let [c (client server)]
(crawl c http-method
(response-str http-method c))))
(defmethod crawl-response
[org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient String]
[server http-method]
(let [m (method http-method)]
(crawl server m
(response-str m server))))
(defmethod crawl-response
[org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase]
[server http-method]
(crawl server http-method
(response-str http-method server)))
(defn cookies
"Convience function to get the cookies from the client."
(.. client getState getCookies))
(defn print-cookies
"Prints the cookies from the client."
(doseq [c (cookies client)] (println c)))
(defn cookie-map
(reduce (fn [ret cookie] (conj ret [(.getName cookie) (.getValue cookie)]))
(cookies client)))
(defn cookie-names
(set (keys (cookie-map client))))
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