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A wrapper around Apache commons-client for the Clojure programming language.
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http-client is a wrapper around Apache commons-client for the Clojure programming language.

; Prints the HTML of the website
(let [server (client "")
   home  (method "/")] 
   (println (scrape server home)))  

; If you don't care about the HTML from the query you should just call
; send-method. In this example you are posting the login form and need 
; to make sure a cookie is set to validate the login was successful.
(let [server (client "")
      login  (method "/accounts/login" :post {:login "mr_cool" :password "clojurerox"})] 
  (send-method server login) 
  (if (assert-cookie-names server "username")  
    (println "yeah, I'm in")
    (println "i can't remember my password again!")))

; You can also pass in a body to the send-method macro to do something
; like check the response status code. Note you can't check the response
; code outside of the send-method call since all associated resources are
; released at that point.
(let [server (client "")
      login  (method "/")]
  (send-method server login 
    (println (.getStatusCode login))))

I've only implemented some basic functionality to make the commons-client
more "in line" with functional programming.  There are lots of things that
could be added to this Clojure wrapper.  I've just scratched the surface.

Since I'm calling commons-client under the covers I've using the underlying
naming conventions.  The client function returns a 
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient and the method function returns 
an implementation of org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase.  Please
see the commons-client API docs for reference.

- clojure-contrib
- Apache commons-client 3.1 and its dependencies (only tested with the 3.1 version)

Any comments, suggestions, improvements are welcome! 
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