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(ns heyarne.line-us.connection
(:require [ :as io])
(:import [ Socket]))
(def drawing-area
{:x [800 1700]
:y [-900 900]
:z [0 1000]})
(defn connect
[url port]
(Socket. url port))
(defn disconnect [^Socket line-us]
(.close line-us))
(defn read-response [^Socket line-us]
(let [stream (io/input-stream line-us)]
(loop [line []]
(let [c (.read stream)]
(case c
0 (when-not (empty? line)
(apply str (map char line)))
-1 (recur line)
(recur (conj line c)))))))
(defmacro validate-coord
"Throws an exception when a coordinate is outside of the drawable area"
(let [[min-v# max-v#] (get drawing-area (keyword (name coord)))]
`(when-not (< ~(dec min-v#) ~coord ~(inc max-v#))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException.
(str ~(name coord) " should be in range [" ~min-v# ", " ~max-v# "] but is " ~coord))))))
(defn- send-command! [^Socket line-us ^String raw-cmd]
;; this is basically taken from the Processing example code and the processing
;; "Client" class
(doto (io/output-stream line-us)
(.write (.getBytes (str raw-cmd "\0")))
;; wait for the response
(let [res (read-response line-us)]
(if-not (re-find #"^(ok|hello)" res)
(throw (Exception. res))
(defn send-movement!
"Moves the arm to the [x y z] vector that is coord. Coordinates are validated
to be inside the valid drawing area."
[^Socket line-us [x y z :as coords]]
(validate-coord x)
(validate-coord y)
(validate-coord z)
(send-command! line-us (str "G01 X" x " Y" y " Z" z))
(defn move-home! [^Socket line-us]
(send-movement! line-us [1000 1000 1000]))
(defn- parse-coords [^String raw-coords]
(re-find #"X:(-?\d+) Y:(\d+) Z:(\d+)" raw-coords)
(mapv #(Integer/parseInt % 10))))
(defn move-up! [^Socket line-us]
(let [[x y _] (parse-coords (send-command! line-us "M114"))]
(send-movement! line-us [x y 1000])))
(defn move-down! [^Socket line-us]
(let [[x y _] (parse-coords (send-command! line-us "M114"))]
(send-movement! line-us [x y 200])))
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