[Work in Progress] A Docker image to be used as a personal jump/utility server
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Personal Utility Server

This project ultimately builds a Docker image that can be accessed via SSH and used as a personal utility server. A little personal host for stuff like port forwarding, running cron jobs, or getting access to a development environment from your phone or tablet, etc.

Is this an abuse of Docker?

Maybe? I'm pretty new to the Docker thing and I'm liking it 🙂 I understand the whole "single service per container" concept, and I think it works really well for web applications (app frontends, background tasks, etc). I also think that sometimes it makes sense to put a whole bunch of crap in one container and let'r rip! 😆

I'm learning here! So if you see something weird open an issue and let me know 👍


From within the directory where you want to store configuration for your utility server image (working directory):

1. Initialize config files:

utlsrv init

This will prompt you with a bunch of questions to set AWS configuration and some questions about the utility server you want to create.

2. Build the images:

utlsrv build

This will build the base images and the final Docker image based on your configuration.

3. Give it a whirl (locally):

Fire up the container:

utlsrv start

This will boot your utility server locally using Docker Desktop, it will output some information including the port that you can shell into your server with.

SSH into the container:

ssh jmp@localhost -p PORT_RETURNED_BY_START

When you're done, shut it down:

utlsrv stop

If you want to run a one-off command on the locally running container:

utlsrv exec ls -alh /home/jmp

4. Push the image to Amazon ECR

WIP: The goal of this is command is to be able to push the images to ECR. I need to learn how that all works, and then ultimately use Amazon ECS to host this jazzy thing.

utlsrv push

5. Host it with Amazon ECS

Probably will happen with the above step, perhaps also should have a destroy command or something to shut it down. Soon ❤️