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SilverStripe Reusable Html

All of Bootstrap's boilerplate element structures as composable templates, as well as some other common HTML structures. Composable templates are achieved using heyday/silverstripe-composeparser, which also provides the short include syntax used in this readme (eg. <:MyTemplate/>).

Installation (with composer)

$ composer require heyday/silverstripe-reusablehtml

Usage example

A Bootstrap modal:

<:bsmodal fade=1>
        <h2>Hello, world!</h2>

        <p>We're in a Bootstrap modal!</p>

For a full list of templates provided by this module, look in the templates directory.

Template blocks

Reusable HTML adds two additional template blocks that are used in the templates it provides: required and dataattrs. These can also be used in your own templates.

<% required %>

The required block allows defining a list of variables that must be present for the template to render. Missing variables will cause an exception to be thrown during template rendering.

<:MyTemplate foo="Hello"/>

<% required $foo, $bar %>

// Result
InvalidArgumentException: the field 'bar' is required

<% dataattrs %>

The data attributes block renders all HTML data attributes passed into an include statement. No closing block is required.

<:MyTemplate data-foo="bar"/>

<div <% dataattrs %>></div>

// Rendered
<div data-foo="bar"></div>