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Inspired by the compass command line tool and a few existing rake tasks for earlier versions of sprockets, compass-sprockets is a Compass extension for using Sprockets as part of compass watch outside of a Ruby on Rails project.

Sprockets is an asset bundler and is now the default asset bundler in Ruby on Rails 3.1. The idea of this project is to enable asset bundling for projects that want to take advantage of modern web performance techniques but aren't using Ruby on Rails (shocking, right?). The goal is to use the minimum config setup that Compass uses where all you need to do is specify where your raw assets are located and where the bundled assets are supposed to go. Combined with Compass sprites and Smusher a tool like compass-sprockets should make it painless to create professional-quality static web assets regardless of the server backend that will eventually be used.

This is a work in progress and currently doesn't work because I can't figure out the Compass Extension documentation.