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Yiddish - QWERTY.keylayout



Yiddish keyboard layouts for OSX

Linux version: https://github.com/heyheydanhey/yiddish-keys-linux

Windows version: https://github.com/heyheydanhey/yiddish-keys-windows

More info: http://www.shretl.org


Didn't you know you can write Yiddish with a Hebrew layout?

Like a frozen forest bare of birds and leaves, Yiddish orthography on the internet has shed its defining hats, dots and strikes because of the lack of alternatives to Modern Hebrew layouts, for which all such things are superfluous. Not only that, but Hebrew's prioritization of different letters to Yiddish means that typing is so frustrating for many that they prefer typing in Latin characters than Hebrew. Transliteration hurts the language - it prevents the development of litteracy, especially for those who come to the language as students rather than through birth.

This Yiddish keyboard hopes to address this by providing an intuitive and eventually standard Yiddish keyboard for all major OSs to ultimately, it is hoped, include as vanilla feature.

One source-file is included here

  • a qwerty based layout

Note that unlike the *nix and Microsoft versions, this is based on an odler version of the keyboard which treats letters with strikes, hats and dots as two letters. Though this is arguably better for compatability, it is annoying to have to hit backspace twice to delete one letter. Update needed...

Edit with Ukelele:


Precompiled files: http://www.shretl.org