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Source from the now defunct OkCreeper, basically as it was the day it died. May you rest in peace...

For those unfamiliar, OkCreeper was a webapp that allowed you to browse OkCupid profiles anonymously. It was getting ~2500 daily unique visitors around the time when OkCupid sent me a takedown request. Sad as it was to see all that hard work gone, it got an outpouring of love on r/okcupid and plenty of fain mail once I spread the bad news, and it felt amazing to have created something that people actually enjoyed interacting with. Thanks everyone...


OkCreeper is flask on the backend and uses angular on the frontend. This was my first forray into angular so I can't promise the code is great, but it works well enough. Assets are compiled(compass), minified, gzipped, and uploaded to s3 using a couple of internal tools and s3tup, my s3 deployment/configuration library, in order to lighten the load on my very stressed m1 small server. Requests are made using the awesome requests library, and data is parsed from the pages using a combination of ghettorigged regexes and beatifulsoup backed by lxml. Beneath flask is uwsgi running behind nginx in emperor mode, and my deployments were one touch using a few personal ansible playbooks.