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Add those trendy flat shadows on stuff
JavaScript CSS
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Merge pull request #3 from laddi/master

Adding possibility to define parent to fetch background-color from
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@heyimjuani authored


Add those trendy flat shadows on stuff. Needs to work.

direction    : "bottomRight",       // "top", "topLeft", "topRight", "left", "right","bottom", "bottomLeft". defaults to "bottomRight"
size         : 100,                 // box-shadow distance, in pixels
textSize     : 100,                 // text-shadow distance, in pixels
fade         : 0.6,                 // point at which the box-shadow starts to fade-out. 0-1
fadeText     : 0.6,                 // point at which the text-shadow starts to fade-out. 0-1
alpha        : 0.05,                // box-shadow opacity. 0-1
textAlpha    : 0.05,                // text-shadow opacity. 0-1
includeText  : true,                // if false, only text wrapped by spans will have a shadow
textOnly     : false                // use to only get shadows on text


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