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A Contributor's Guide to Openpuppies

  1. You want to add an adorable puppy you found!
  2. Make sure the puppy is a high quality gif/mp4 on imgur. (It will appear to be a nice quick gif, but viewing the source will reveal that it's a magical mp4.)
  3. Grab the id from the imgur url, it is this part:
  4. Get into puppies.json, and add your puppy id to the bottom of json.
  5. Make sure you formatted the json correctly.
  6. Commit that puppy and make a pull request!
  7. I will check real quick that your puppy pull request is legit and also not a twin puppy before I merge it.
  8. You are fantastic and the internet is super grateful for your excellent contribution of more puppies!

Thanks for being awesome, I mean it. Spread the love!