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BonziWORLD Client and Server
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This project has been discontinued due to my time being taken up by other responsibilities. Thanks for all the laughs and memes along the way.

All the source code for the server and client is publically available here. If you want to run your own BonziWORLD, by all means go ahead. Do whatever you'd like with this code. Just try to put me somewhere in the credits.


  • Node.js and npm
  • Ruby
  • Sass
  • Git
  • Cordova (Optional)


In a terminal/command prompt, navigate to where you'd like BonziWORLD to be placed and run the following:

git clone
cd BonziWORLD


cd src
npm install
grunt build_www
cd ..


cd server
npm install
node index.js

After this, BonziWORLD will be accessible on port 3000. (http://localhost:3000/)


I'm not responsible if you screw up anything with your computer while setting this up. I have no idea how you would, but someone will find a way. I also will not provide support for installing dependencies. If you have everything installed properly, the above commands will work.



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