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Mar 24, 2015


jQuery Draggable Touch

Make HTML elements draggable. Main implementation uses touch events, but the plugin also has a fallback that uses mouse events.

The main reason that this plugin exist is that there are currently no good jQuery plugin for making elements draggable, that has touch devices as it's main target (at least that I know of). jQuery UI has a draggable plugin which, together with jQuery UI Touch Punch, can be used to make elements draggable on touch devices. However, due to Touch Punch generating fake mouse events, and jQuery UI's draggable plugin, using these fake mouse events when dragging elements, it's error prone and contains weird bugs.

I decided it was simpler to just write a draggable plugin whose main target was touch devices, and that uses touch events (even though it still has a fallback on mouseevents when the browser/device doesn't support touch events).


  • Main target is touch devices
  • Small and simple
  • Supports dragging multiple elements at the same time

Usage example

    .bind("dragstart", function(event, pos) {
        console.log("drag started on:", this, "at position:", pos);
    .bind("dragend", function(event, pos) {
        console.log("drag ended on:", this, "at position:", pos);
// to disable draggability

See example

Here is a super simple - and frankly quite ugly - example page.

Copyright & License

This plugin is written by Jonatan Heyman and is licenced as Beerware.


Make HTML elements draggable using touch events



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