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@@ -23,4 +23,32 @@ Installing r³ is as easy as:
After successful installation, you'll have three new commands: `r3-app`,
`r3-map` and `r3-web`.
+In order to use r³ you must have a redis database running. Getting one up in
+your system is beyond the scope of this document.
+We'll assume you have one running at, port 7778 and configured to
+require the password 'r3' using database 0.
+The service that is at the heart of r³ is `r3-app`. It is the web-server that
+will receive requests for map-reduce jobs and return the results.
+To run `r3-app`, given the above redis back-end, type:
+ r3-app --redis-port=7778 --redis-pass=r3 -c
+The `` argument tells r³ which `input stream processors` and
+`reducers` should be enabled.
+We'll learn more about the configuration file below.
+Given that you have a proper configuration file, your r3 service will be
+available at `http://localhost:8888`.
+As to how we actually perform a map-reduce operation, we'll see that after the
+`mapper` section.

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