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@@ -153,7 +153,28 @@ mapper has with a specific input stream and with a specific reducer.
+After all input streams have been mapped, it is time to reduce our data to one
+coherent value. This is what the reducer does.
+In the case of counting word occurrences, a sample implementation is as
+ from collections import defaultdict
+ class CountWordsReducer:
+ job_type = 'count-words'
+ def reduce(self, app, items):
+ word_freq = defaultdict(int)
+ for line in items:
+ for word, frequency in line:
+ word_freq[word] += frequency
+ return word_freq
The `job_type` property is required and specifies the relationship that this
reducer has with mappers and with a specific input stream.
+This reducer will return a dictionary that contains all the words and the
+frequency with which they occur in the given file.

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