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Configuration app

IMPORTANT: The Configuration app works only with Location Beacons at this time.

This app uses a few external dependencies managed through Carthage.

You must install and run Carthage before building this app:

  1. Follow Carthage installation instructions.

  2. Open Terminal and navigate to this directory.

    $ cd ~/path/to/Configuration
  3. Run Carthage.

$ carthage bootstrap --platform iOS


The Configuration app comes with an extra Scanner app, which you can use to evaluate your beacon setup. This is most helpful for deployment flows that go like this:

  1. Take a bag of beacons with you into the venue you want to deploy beacons in.
  2. One by one, pull beacons out of the bag, and configure them using the Configuration app you prepared yourself earlier. In the example Configuration app code, the beacon are tagged with their department ("electronics", "toys", etc.) and aisle number ("aisle 13", etc.)
  3. Use the Scanner app from Extras to evaluate the range, signal bleed, and enter events of the beacons you've just deployed. The Scanner app fetches your tags from Estimote Cloud and cross-references them with detected beacons, for easier evaluation.