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An experimental redesign of the popular Open Source email client FairEmail. A big thank you to Marcel Bokhorst for his work. Initially, the idea was posted on reddit. The post got a lot of traction and had some really positive reactions to the redesign. A small sample of the anonymous public survey I ran is presented here.

Public Survey Response

My redesign focuses on 4 big things

  • Typography
  • Cleaning up visual crowdedness
  • Shortening and summarizing app messaging
  • Fine-tuning colour

Read this before installation

  • The pro features have been disabled in this redesign
  • Don't use this build as a daily driver. Use the original app
  • The Quick setup wizard has been disabled.
  • Only visual modifications made. No other code modified.

Download here

Old vs New

Welcome Screen

The main idea was to differentiate the primary and secondary buttons. The primary action is highlighted. The buttons have made to take more space to improve tappability. Welcome Screen Comparision

Message List

The message list has been cleaned up in the redesign. Introducing heirarchy was the primary goal. Title and sender have more prominence in the message row than the text preview. All harsh and sharp eges have been softened to make it a more relaxed experience. This was following my goal of reducing visual clutter. The spacing on each item of the message row has been tuned to make it more tappable and individually distinct. Message List Comparision

Navigation Drawer

I think the original design has a lot of items. Some of those items can be pruned to make the drawer house common places in a little more cleaner fashion. Navigation Drawer Comparision

Some more comparisions

Quick Setup

Quick Setup Comparision

Message Compose

Message Compose Comparision

Message View

Message View Comparision

Edit Account

Edit Account Comparision

Folder List

Folder List Comparision

Identity Screen

Identity Screen Comparision

Settings Screen

Settings Screen Comparision

You can check individual screens here


An experimental design polish of FairEmail (An Open source email client for Android)







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