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Perl interface to the Raygun API


use Try::Tiny;
use WebService::Raygun::Messenger;

sub some_code {
    my ( $self, $request ) = @_;
    try {
        # Code that throws an error.
    catch {
        my $exception = $_;

        # Initialise messenger
        my $raygun = WebService::Raygun::Messenger->new(
            api_key => '<your api key>',
            message => {
                error   => $exception,
                request => $request,
                user  => '',
        # send message to
        my $response = $raygun->fire_raygun;


Although this module should install without an API key from, you will need one for it to be of any use. By default, it uses whatever is in the RAYGUN_API_KEY environment variable, but this is mainly so that the tests can be run without any user interaction.