Post your latest notifications to Slack
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VersionEye Slack integration

Post your latest VersionEye notifications to Slack.



There are two ways to install; using Composer or downloading a Phar binary.

Using Composer

Install globally with Composer:

composer global require 'heyupdate/versioneye-slack=~0.1'

To update you can then use:

composer global update

Be sure to add ~/.composer/vendor/bin to your $PATH.

Download the Phar binary

Download the sqwack.phar binary from the latest release.

Make the file executable

chmod +x ~/Downloads/versioneye-slack.phar

Run it


Check for notifications (and post them to a Slack channel)

Get your VersionEye API key, which you can find at:

Add a new Incoming Web Hook integration on Slack and copy your Web Hook URL.

You can post to any channel by passing it as an option (it will default to #general).

versioneye-slack --versioneye-key={key} --slack-webhook={webhook} --slack-channel=#general

Add a cron job to run it as often as you want to recieve updates.


Get help by running:

versioneye-slack --help