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This is just a list of commands I've found useful for project maintenance

  • Update README.rst

    pandoc -s -t rst --toc -o README.rst

  • Install project with files.txt record

    sudo python install --record files.txt

  • "uninstall" package installed with files.txt record

    cat files.txt | sudo xargs rm -rf

  • Generate/update base docs/ folder with Sphinx

    sphinx-apidoc -F -o docs tornado_json

  • Run tests from root project directory

    • py.test --cov="tornado_json" --cov-report=term --cov-report=html
    • nosetests --with-cov --cov-report term-missing --cov tornado_json tests/
    • With tox>=1.8.0 installed for both py27 and py34
      • sudo tox # runs test matrix with py27,py34 and tornado322,402