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Get your own gollom wiki onto OpenShift Express

This project is all about getting your own gollum wiki hosted on Red Hat's Openshift. It's quite straight forward. Just sign up for an OpenShift account and follow these instructions:

$ git clone git@github.com:hferentschik/gollum-openshifted.git
$ git remote rm origin
$ rhc-create-domain -n <your-domain> -l <email> -p <password>
$ rhc-create-app -a <app> -t rack-1.1 -l <email> -p <password> --nogit

    Found a bug? Post to the forum and we'll get right on it.
    IRC: #openshift on freenode
    Forums: https://www.redhat.com/openshift/forums

    Attempting to create remote application space: <app>
    Contacting https://openshift.redhat.com
    API version:    1.1.1
    Broker version: 1.1.1

    Successfully created application: <app>

    Checking ~/.ssh/config
    Contacting https://openshift.redhat.com
    Found rhcloud.com in ~/.ssh/config... No need to adjust
    Now your new domain name is being propagated worldwide (this might take a minute)...

    Pulling new repo down
    Confirming application fubar is available
    Attempt # 1

    Success!  Your application is now published here:


    The remote repository is located here:


    To make changes to your application, commit to <app>.
    Then run 'git push' to update your OpenShift Express space

$ git remote add openshift <git-url>  
$ git push -f openshift master
  • <your-domain> - The domain name you want to use for your apps
  • <email> - The email you signed up with for OpenShift
  • <password> - Your OpenShift password
  • <git-url> - The OpenShift git URL which you receive when executing rhc-create-app (see above sample output)

The commits will be made by John Doe. Make sure to edit the action hook 'build' to change this. The default login is wiki/wiki. This can be changed in config.ru.

See also

Let me know if you have problems ...