OGM demo on AS 7
Java Ruby Shell


OGM Kitchensink

What is it?

ogm-kitchensink is a OGM demo app for AS 7 based on kitchensink


How to use it:

  • Build:

     $ mvn clean package
  • Deploy:

     $ mvn cargo:run
  • Running tests (uses Arquillian managed container):

     $ mvn test

How to deploy on OpenShift Express

  • Sign up for OpenShift account at - https://openshift.redhat.com
  • Install OpenShift Express command line tools

    $ gem install rhc
  • Create OpenShift domain and app

    $ rhc-create-domain -n <domain>
    $ rhc-create-app -a <app> -t jbossas-7.0 --nogit
  • Add the git repo created by rhc-create-app as remote

    $ git remote add openshift <repo-url>
  • Push to Openshift

    $ git push -f openshift master
  • Demo site - http://<app>-<domain>.rhcloud.com