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And Firefox add-on to help eradicate the Flash pandemic.
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Latest commit 5ca3ed7 Mar 3, 2016 @hfiguiere Bug #37 - Now work on embed that is only <object>. So should work in …
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Also make sure to remove the containing <embed> or <object> that may wrapping things.
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doc Bug #29 - Support Dailymotion Jul 2, 2015
NEWS Bug #44 - Fix a bug to match youtube-nocookie Mar 3, 2016

A Firefox add-on to get rid of Flash video players.

Because there are two things I hate the most on the "web":

  • Flash
  • EME

Let's tackle Flash.

If you have the Flash plugin enabled, then this addon is of no use for you.

What it does

Will replace known Flash embed on third party website with the HTML5 equivalent.

  • Youtube

  • Vimeo: you need H264 support for that since Vimeo has always hated royalty free codec like WebM and preferred to tell Firefox users to install Safari, even on Linux.

  • Dailymotion

The original Mozilla bug:

See doc/ for more details.

To install


To build

Install the Add-on SDK

jpm xpi

Then drop the no-flash.xpi file into you browser.


This is currently experimental. But I use it every day.

Source code


MPL v2

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