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Expand compressed files from WinSxS folder.

System Requirements

x86/x64 Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Supported file types

  • DCN v1
  • DCM v1
  • DCS v1
  • DCD v1

Type descriptions

  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x4E 0x01, DCN 01 (packed IPD PA30)
  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x4D 0x01, DCM 01 (packed IPD PA30, source manifest required, wcp)
  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x53 0x01, DCS 01 (packed LZMS, can have multiple blocks)
  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x44 0x01, DCD 01 (packed IPD PA30, delta, source file required)
  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x48 0x01, DCH 01 (not packed, header only)
  • Header Sign: 0x44 0x43 0x58 0x01, DCX 01 (unknown, only supported by Windows 10)


SXSEXP < Source File > < Destination File >

SXSEXP < Source Directory > < Destination Directory >

SXSEXP /d < Source File > < Source Delta File > < Destination File >


  • sxsexp.exe srcdcn1.exe dest.exe
  • sxsexp.exe C:\windows\winsxs D:\winsxs
  • sxsexp.exe /d c:\test\Display.dll.src c:\test\ C:\test\Display.result.dll


SXSEXP comes with full source code written in C. In order to build from source you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and later versions.


  • Select Platform ToolSet first for project in solution you want to build (Project->Properties->General):
    • v120 for Visual Studio 2013;
    • v140 for Visual Studio 2015;
    • v141 for Visual Studio 2017.
  • For v140 and above set Target Platform Version (Project->Properties->General):
    • If v140 then select 8.1 (Note that Windows 8.1 SDK must be installed);
    • If v141 then select 10.0.17134.0 (Note that Windows 10.0.17134 SDK must be installed).


(c) 2016 - 2018 SXSEXP Project

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