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What is new in 1.7

  • W32pServiceTable viewer

W32pServiceTable is a service table of Win32k - a Windows User and GDI subsystem driver. It is a secondary system service table (where first is a ntoskrnl managed KiServiceTable). This table can be saved to text file from popup menu.

This feature available starting from Windows 10 1607 (RS1 14393) and require running program as administrator. Additionally Windows must be booted in the Debug mode (only for kldbgdrv version).

  • Process list

Simple process list dialog. Display tree of running processes, their id, address of EPROCESS structure, user and domain name. Additionally this list uses highlighting similar to SysInternals Process Explorer. You can copy EPROCESS address value from popup menu. To view all process information program must run elevated.

  • Callbacks viewer

List of system wide driver callbacks and notify routines registered with the following API:

  1. ObRegisterCallbacks
  2. CmRegisterCallbacks
  3. CmRegisterCallbacksEx
  4. PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine
  5. PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx
  6. PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx2
  7. PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutine
  8. PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutineEx
  9. PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine
  10. PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutineEx
  11. KeRegisterBugCheckCallback
  12. KeRegisterBugCheckReasonCallback
  13. IoRegisterShutdownNotification
  14. IoRegisterLastChanceShutdownNotification
  15. SeRegisterLogonSessionTerminatedRoutine
  16. SeRegisterLogonSessionTerminatedRoutineEx
  17. PoRegisterPowerSettingCallback
  18. DbgSetDebugPrintCallback
  19. IoRegisterFsRegistrationChange
  20. IoRegisterFileSystem
  • Callback object type viewer

Viewer of registered callbacks for Callback object type. Drivers can create callbacks with ExCreateCallback API and register them with ExRegisterCallback.

  • Improved OBJECT_TYPE view

Improved display of structured dump for OBJECT_TYPE and substructure OBJECT_TYPE_INITIALIZER by including newly added Windows 10 fields.