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code can now be compiled as C++
added W32pServiceTable view
added process list dialog (extras)
added Callback object type callbacks list (Properties->Object)
added callbacks viewer for certain callback types (registry, ps, ob, kebugcheck, se, dbg, po, io etc)
reimplemented "type" object type view (added missing fields from w10+)
reimplemented service tables extraction code
ported to msvc 2017 (with backward compatibility to 2015)
reimplemented private namespaces lookup
object directory dump reflect Win10 changes
added alpc port dump and additional dialog
treelist control updated
private namespaces dialog updated
usershareddata dialog updated
internal rearrange
merge pull request #7, fix Job object process list display
multiple Wine Staging fixes
rtls updated
tweaked PTL display
added display of Process Trust Label for Directory object type
OpenWindowStation fix
internal rearrange
added Partition, DxgkCurrentDxgProcessObject objects description
added mailslots viewer dialog
added file properties for drivers (menu -> extras -> Drivers)
added FltConnectionPort object dump
switched to hde instead of ldasm
fixed Wine behavior along with some bugs
rtls updated, switched to VS2015 U3
note: Windows 10 RS2 (15063), RS1 (14393) supported as well as TH1(10240)/TH2(10586), RS3 supported (16288+ build)
v 1.4.0
drivers list and dump (menu -> extras)
kiservicetable dump for all supported Windows versions
some code revision and corrections
v 1.3.0
official support for Windows 10
private namespaces (menu -> extras)
v 1.2.0
added KUSER_SHARED_DATA dump (menu -> extras)
code revision and corrections
ported to msvc 2015
v 1.1.0
added popup menu for Process page
added file properties dialog for Process page
added descriptions for more object types
added named pipes dialog (menu -> extras)
added information for IoCompletion object type, including structured object body dump2
some code revision and corrections
v 1.0.0 (Feb 23, 2015)
initial release