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Releases: hfiref0x/WinObjEx64

WinObjEx64 v2.0.2

27 May 12:44
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v2.0.2 25 May 2023

recent win10/win11 compatibility improvements
display more details about shimmed drivers

WinObjEx64 v2.0.1

25 Dec 05:16
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v2.0.1 25 Dec 2022

recent win10/win11 compatibility improvements
token properties dialog changes
added and updated some object type descriptions (from Windows Internals 7ed book)

WinObjEx64 v2.0.0

23 Jun 01:49
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v2.0.0 23 June 2022 (updated 10 Nov, 2022)

added entirely new handling of object names to support embedded nulls
added Pico providers, Nmi, SiloMonitor and Errata manager callbacks
added CmControlVector viewer
added Copy Name/Copy Name (Binary) commands to the main window popup menus
added program statistics (see Help->Statistics)
added legend window description for process list
added ability to fix image sections for dumped drivers
added RegistryTransaction object view and access rights
moved "Globals" from about box to the View->System Information and rearranged it output
drivers dump operation can now be cancelled
fix display of PUNICODE_STRING dump
fix ALPC Port type objects sometimes unable to open while they can be opened
plugin sdk updated to accommodate new named objects handling
imagescope plugin updated to accomodate plugin sdk changes
elevation required features in "extras" will now request elevation instead of just been disabled
help file updated with drivers and symbols usage
internal rearrange and minor UI changes

WinObjEx64 v1.9.3

16 May 11:50
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v1.9.3 15 May 2022

updated SeCiCallbacks search for newest Windows versions
added Windows Server 2022 support
fix win32k ApiSet resolving for Win10 21H2
fix ObCallbacks enumeration issues
support for various kernel driver helpers
ported to msvc 2022 (with backward compatibility to 2019)
rtls updated

WinObjEx64 v1.9.2

11 Dec 10:40
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v1.9.2 11 December 2021

more Win10/11 21h2 compatibility changes
added FLT_FILTER, FLT_OBJECT structured dump
added authenticode hash calculation for loaded drivers (extras->Drivers, use popup menu on driver entry)
added coalescing callbacks to callbacks list
various minor UI changes
fix misbehavior with recent wine staging 6.x
internal rearrange
rtls updated

WinObjEx64 v1.9.1

31 Aug 13:57
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v1.9.1 29 August 2021

21h2 compatibility improvements
rtls updated

WinObjEx64 v1.9.0

21 Jun 07:05
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v1.9.0 20 June 2021

added Section object structured dump
added ALPC port connections list (similar to !alpc /lpc windbg command)
added MmUnloadedDrivers list
added ExCreateCallback list to the callbacks list (PR #26)
updated ApiSet plugin now support in place search filter
internal rearrange

Windows Object Explorer 64-bit

30 Apr 05:25
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