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This is a sample application that you can make a Lucid app from. Simply fork this repository, and make your changes. Or, just download these files, and hack away.

How To Customize
First, edit "meta.json", replacing each field with information regarding your application. See the developer documentation if you don't know how to do this.

Then, rename "AppName" and "AppName.js" to the sysname of your application. This must be unique to your application.

Next, replace all occurances of "AppName" with your app's sysname. The files you should look in are "AppName.js" and "AppName/_base.js".

Lastly, change the name of your application in /nls/main.js.

If you wish, you may replace 'icon.png' with a 16x16 icon for your application.

Adding More Translations
You may add additional translations to the /nls/ folder. For example, if I wanted to make a spanish translation, I'd make a directory called 'es' and copy main.js (along with any additional files you have made) to that folder.

Making A Package
To make a Lucid package for this app, simply put the contents of this repository in a zip file. Be sure that the ending is "". The preferred format for package names is ""

Repository Name
To make things easy to find, you should name your repository like so: lucid-app-AppName
This way it's easy to find.

Getting Help
If you have any other questions, visit for documentation, forums, and information about our IRC channel.