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itools 0.75.0 (2012/07/26)
itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:
itools.abnf itools.i18n itools.rss
itools.core itools.ical itools.srx
itools.csv itools.log itools.stl
itools.database itools.loop itools.tmx
itools.datatypes itools.odf itools.uri
itools.fs itools.web
itools.gettext itools.pdf itools.workflow
itools.git itools.pkg itools.xliff
itools.handlers itools.python itools.xml
itools.html itools.relaxng itools.xmlfile
There is a new dependency, itools.database requires the magic module from
libmagic [1].
- Rename thingy to prototype. Err.. That's what thingies were about,
prototype programming [2].
- HTTPDate returns aware datetimes
- improve cron, allow callable to return the next interval, allow to pass
payload to the callable.
- The itools.http package has been merged into itools.web, some stuff
has been moved to ikaaro.
- Now views are prototypes, and they are bound to the resource and context
(so you can type self.context or self.resource). The class hierarchy has
been simplified by merging 'BaseForm' into 'BaseView'.
- Safe methods (GET, HEAD, ...) cannot commit. We are RESTful [3], right?
- The context does more, and it can be subclassed, and the server can be
told which context class to use for some path. The new 'StaticContext'
class serves files from the filesystem.
- Allow to define access control by request method: "access_POST"
- Print the remote IP in the access log (not the one from the proxy).
- Some stuff moved from ikaaro: metadata, resources, etc. While still work
in progress, the itools.database package is more complete.
- Add support for headers with the 'has_header' variable.
- Add handlers for OOXML files
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