Python Lightning Talk

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"Python & PyMARC : tools to manipulate MARC record sets" / by Heidi Frank

This lightning talk was presented at the "Introductory Python Programming Workshop" held by the LITA/ALCTS Library Code Year IG on June 28, 2013, as a preconference at the ALA Annual Conference.

Presentation Slides
Full Python Script

Example record:

  1. Post-Archivists' Toolkit, pre-analysis - this is the MARC version of the MARCXML record as it was exported out of the AT, before any modifications were made.
  2. Post-MarcEdit cleanup - this is the version of the record after the MarcEdit task list was applied to the record.
  3. Post-Python script - this is the final version of the record after running it through the Python script in preparation for loading into the local ILS catalog.