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VR 3D Prelimutens Dekstop with infinite 3D Environment
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VRPDlogo VR Prelimutens Desktop


With VR Prelimutens Desktop begins a new era. You can place your windows in a limitless and free space. You can use any OS’es, even more than one at the same time. Arrange different computers’ windows in a single 3D place. You can use same place simultaneously with others, see their avatars and what they are doing at the moment. Primarily, this application provides help with your work. Develop together while you are working on different files - you only need turn your head to see what the others are doing. If this is not enough we still have plans, knowledge and fantasy. WEBSite

Integral parts of the VRPrelimutensDesktop

If you would like to use only (try) download binaries and enjoy

First steps

Please consider to diretory hierarchy (seen later) and this list will be working!

  1. You need to run INIT.BAT for clone (download) to empty modules' directories of VRPD (android and windows)
  2. Please read README on the module directories!
  3. Start VRContentExporter.exe
  4. After start Android VRPrelimutensDesktop App on your device



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