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#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Chicago Boss Init System
# @author: Jose Luis Gordo Romero <>
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# The shell commands are automatically generated by the boss rebar
# plugin/driver, all configuration params and paths are in boss.config
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
cd `dirname $0`
case "${1:-''}" in
# Compile and run functional tests
echo "compiling...."
eval "./rebar compile"
echo "running functional tests..."
eval "./rebar boss c=test_functional"
# Start Boss in production mode
echo "starting boss in production mode..."
START=$(./rebar boss c=start_cmd|grep -v "==>")
# Start Boss in development mode
START_DEV=$(./rebar boss c=start_dev_cmd|grep -v "==>")
# Stop Boss daemon
echo "stopping boss..."
STOP=$(./rebar boss c=stop_cmd|grep -v "==>")
# After hours of shell quoting problems with the erl command,
# eval with the command quoted works!!!
eval "$STOP"
# Boss hot code reload <-- only the actual node, not the entire cluster
echo "Hot code reload, (WARN: Only this node)"
RELOAD=$(./rebar boss c=reload_cmd|grep -v "==>")
eval "$RELOAD"
# Boss complete restart
echo "Restarting (stop-start) boss..."
$0 stop
$0 start
echo "Chicago Boss Boot System"
echo "Usage: $SELF start|start-dev|stop|reload|restart"
exit 1
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