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A small Java library to run and train neural networks using backpropagation and genetic algorithms.

You can download and play with a runnable jar here

Note: this was made quickly and for fun, please don't try to use this in any important project

Examples are provided in

Using neural net

Packages needed:


Documentation is provided in the files.

Using the genetic evolution simulator

Working but still under development and no documentation


  • arrow keys : change view
  • space : move camera to origin
  • 0/9 : zoom in/out
  • 8 : toggle max speed (doesn't wait between frames)
  • 7/6 : increase/decrease speed
  • 5 : run at real time
  • u : toggle scene rendering (use this with max speed)
  • f : lock the camera to the leader
  • 1 : toggle fullscreen

Packages needed:


Libraries needed:

View the demos in

Using the backpropagation algorithms

A little broken and under development

Packages needed:


Run to see a 2-3-1 neural network trained to become an XOR gate.