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This project

This project implements a Java client to send messages to Daedalus.

You can download the binary, or download the sources and compile'em yourself.


Daedalus is client/server application. The server (what receives the messages) is implemented using Django. The log messages are stored in Cassandra. The clients send the messages using a POST messages, allowing to send messages from virtually any language.

Please, report any issue here.


This is developed with Maven and Eclipse.

To download the jars to be uses with Eclipse, you must run:

mvn dependency:copy-dependencies

now all the requiered JARs should be accesible by Eclipse.

To create the JAR, you must run:

mvn package

and the JARs will be at target/DaedalusJavaClient-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

And to run the tests, I use:

mvn --quiet -Dsurefire.useFile=false test