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Not implemented right now / Ideas / TODOs

  • Cassandra timeouts: backend should have a short timeout and few retries, frontend a larger timeout and many retries.

  • Cleanup uses of pylibmc (now python-memcached is used)

  • Create a Django middleware to log exceptions

  • Failover on client (if one server doesn't respond, try another)

  • Test and compare performance and disk space: StorageService vs StorageServiceUniqueMessagePlusReferences

  • Document installation procedure

  • Easy deploy using Gunicorn

  • Add tests with Selenium / WebDriver Plus

  • Move Daedalus client to separate project

  • Add check of memcache on status page

  • Accept messages even when lack some field(s)

  • Filter by date

  • TTL of messages / automatic disposal of old messages

  • Live update of search results

    • a. Update the search results while new messages arrives
  • Tagging of log messages

  • Search by message text

  • Autentication to save messages (backend) and/or to see the messages (frontend)