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PostgreSql plugins for Munin

Each of these plugins for Munin generates graphs for all the databases in the PostgreSql instance. So, if you use, the graph will contain the size of every database (including template0 and template1). You may exclude databases (see below).


A simple and INSECURE way to install (based on default locations of Munin on Ubuntu 10.10):

~$ cd ~
~$ git clone git://
~$ ln -s ~/postgresql_munin_plugins/src/hgdeoro/munin/ \


To setup host, port, username, password, to which db to connect, add the folowing lines to in '/etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/munin-node':

env.pg_host localhost
env.pg_port 5432
env.pg_db_connect template1
env.pg_user postgres
env.pg_passwd <NO DEFAULT>

The only required parameter is env.pg_passwd

The list of databases to ignore could be specified with 'env.pg_ignore_db', separated by commas:

env.pg_ignore_db db_to_ignore,postgresql,template0,db2,db3


Copyright © Horacio G. de Oro - - 2011

Licenced under GPL v2.