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An opinionated Makefile for Go projects.
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An opinionated Makefile for Go projects.

Use cases

  • How would you implement a building workflow using Go alongside other technologies?
  • Do you remember how to run the commands to check the test coverage of you Go project?


  • Download to your project:
curl -O
  • include in a new or existing Makefile;
  • Check Makefile.sample to see some examples on how to integrate with your own build workflow:
curl -O

How it works

GoMk defines default variables and targets for a Go project, to help maintain a healthy project. It also checks your current Go environment.

Predefined variables

  • APPBIN: name of the application, based on the repository name
  • GOSOURCES: all .go files inside the project repository
  • GOPKGS: all Go pkgs inside the project repository

NOTE: Check the file for other predefined variables that may conflict with other variables defined in your Makefile.

Predefined targets

  • gomkbuild: build the application binary, if there is one
  • gomkxbuild: build all cross-platform binaries, using gox
  • gomkclean: clean the project directory of the files produced by
  • gomkupdate: update your file
  • vet: run go tool vet in each source file
  • lint: run golint in each source file
  • fmt: run go fmt in the entire project
  • test: run go test for all pkgs in the project
  • race: run go test with race detection in all pkgs in the project
  • deps: install all deps needed by the project
  • cover: run tests with coverage report in all pkgs in the projects
  • printvars: print all variables defined in the Makefile

Godep support (optional)

  • savegodeps: save all deps with godep
  • restoregodeps: restore all deps with godep
  • updategodeps: update all deps with godep


  • Add targets for other tools
  • Add support for gb
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