Simple script, used via cron to create screenshots from webites. jobs are created via JSON files
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Create screenshots from websites via json jobfiles

This script creates screenshots from websites via PhantomJS

This script is used as backend for the Screener webapp.

JSON jobfile


"Output": "/tmp/foobar.png",

"ViewPort": "1280x1024",

"Url": "",

"UserAgent": "HggH Screenshot System with PhantomJS",

"timeout": "15"


The configuration flags "UserAgent" and "timeout" are optional. default for "timeout" is 15 seconds.

PJS Configuration

Please use conf/pjs.example.conf as example configuration file.

PJS with Selenium Webdriver with PhantomJS

With PhantomJS >= 1.8 you can start PhantomJS with '''phantomjs --webdriver='''.

After starting up PhantomJS, please set :selenium_phantomjs to true. So pjs will not start for every screenshot the phantomJS binary.

This feature requires to install the "selenium-webdriver" gem.


Jonas Genannt /