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Javascript Implementation for converting HTML to Markdown text
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Javascript Implementation for converting HTML to Markdown text.


Invoke it as following

    var md = HTML2Markdown("<h1>H1</h1>");

This call will return convert the html and return the mardown string like ""# H1\n\n"

Changes in this implementation

  • Added new htmldomparser. A simple html parser implementation that assumes parsing is done in browser. Shold be compatible with john Resig's parser.
  • Parser implementation provided support for ignoring tags that you do not want to convert.
  • Parser also has an option to ignore dom elements with hidden styles.
  • Added rules for parsing PRE, CODE, SPAN, DIV, TD, DL, DT
  • Added support for ignoring tags that you do not want to convert.
  • Improved "startBlock" method and renamed it to "block"
  • Added support for nested lists
  • Fixed some showdown rendering issues when a link has a nested image
  • Some readability changes like collapse whitespace, treat images as block elements, do not output text if elements are empty.
  • Added support for converting relative url's to absolute url's
  • Dropped wordwrap function as it does not seem a good idea to introduce new lines in the converter. and wordwrap behaviro was not consistents as elements can be nested.
  • Added support for refeence style images and links (option driven to choose between inline markdown formatting and refernce style formatting)
  • Added ton's of unit tests.

Known conversion issues

If HTML tag is of following form. Then, currently showdown fails to render

    <a href="/some_link">
                <img src="/some_image_lin"/>
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