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Collection of utility classes for use in symfony 1.2 or 1.4 projects.
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uUtilitiesPlugin project status

Symfony plugin (1.2, 1.4) that provides a number of utility classes.


Download the plugin as a zip file here.

Unpack the contents and move the folder to the plugins directory in your symfony project. You might need to rename the folder from uUtilitiesPlugin-master to simply uUtilitiesPlugin (github adds the -master).

To enable the plugin in your project add the following


to the setup() function in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php.

The task will show up under the doctrine namespace when you issue ./symfony on the command line.


The plugin has 4 console commands:

  • doctrine:build-table-schema
  • uUtil:backup
  • uUtil:get-svn-revision
  • uUtil:showconfig

Use ./symfony help on any of the console commands to get more information about their use.

For example, to get the help on the doctrine:build-table-schema console command run this on the command line in the project folder:

./symonfy help doctrine:build-table-schema

More information about the doctrine:build-table-schema can be found here.

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