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0.2.6 06/21/2012
processes scale mocks now more accurately update process list
0.2.5 06/13/2012
make post_release release param optional (defaults to latest)
fix for contructing addon_params
fail gracefully on non-http-status errors
0.2.4 05/31/2012
fix overly lax GET /user stub reveealed by changes in excon 0.14.0
0.2.3 05/31/2012
fix overly lax DELETE /user/keys stub revealed by changes in excon 0.14.0
0.2.2 05/31/2012
bump excon dep for improved stubs/instrumentation
0.2.1 05/24/2012
update post_ps to properly munge ps_env params
0.2.0 05/23/2012
fix mocks for stack requests
add features (labs) functionality
0.1.8 05/21/2012
fix tests to be individually runnable
update cache function to get user data
update domain tests to match new default plugins
update collaborators mocks to be more accurate
update domain tests to use random_domain
use better transfer targets in app tests
fix timestamp generation in mocks
fix release creation in mocks
fix release rollback mocks to rollback to last when no version is given
more accurate addons mocks
more accurate process mocks for attached processes
0.1.7 05/15/2012
consolidate NotFound error handling to work more like other errors
fixes for ps:scale mock accuracy
fix default command for cedar web process mocks
0.1.6 05/09/2012
fixes for GET /apps/:app/releases/:release mocks
0.1.5 05/09/2012
add support for GET /apps/:app/releases/current
0.1.4 05/09/2012
add DELETE /domains
add POST /login
0.1.3 05/03/2012
update README examples to include put_app
correct mocks to change git/web urls during app rename
split out known heroku errors into their own error classes
0.1.2 04/10/2012
less aggressive gzip usage (checks content-encoding)
update cache
0.1.1 04/06/2012
readme/docs updates and fixes
add get_user method
request/use gzip responses
update vendored okjson
allow passing config data to addon install
fix STACK usage in mocks
bump excon dep
0.1.0 02/02/2012
Initial release