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Generates a CV/Resume (in Germany usually called 'profile') for an IT freelancer.

A Mobile Web Application can display the data of the profile / CV.


Freelancers have to provide detailed profiles of their knowledge and work experience when they want to apply for a job or a project.

Unfortunately the companies demand for profiles in different formats and languages. Maintaining such a profile is tedious work.

This collection of scripts convert a single XML file of input into different output documents.

Supported Formats

  • HTML (Classic Version 4 for Desktop Browsers - sorry for formatting with <table>)
  • html5 (a jQuery Mobile Smartphone/Tablet touch-enabled application)
  • PDF
  • TXT (useful for some IT-profile hosting providers, especially for the list of projects / work experience)
  • JSON (to be used by Smartphone applications)
  • vCard
  • PNG (QR-Code of vCard)

Hopefully coming soon (you can contribute!):

  • DOC (MS-Word 97/2003)

    If you need your resume in Word format, open the HTML page with Internet Explorer, select all (<Ctrl>+A) and paste it into a new Word document (<Ctrl>+V). This will produce a quite suitable document. I've tested this with Word 2010, Windows 7, IE 9. Other Versions might crash or produce horrible output ;-)

  • ODT (Open Document Text, readable by new MS-Word and OpenOffice/LibreOffice)

  • html5 (a Sencha Touch Smartphone/Tablet touch-enabled application)

Example Output

The Mobile App should not work with old or trouble-making browsers (you know what I M$ean).

Getting Started

By now the generator is only tested under Linux and Windows/Cygwin. Native Windows support should'nt be a problem for a DOS-Command-Scripter ;-). iOS will not be supported by me, unless Apple is sponsering an iMac to me - help needed!

  • Java Runtime Environment must be installed (1.6 recommended)

  • Download Apache FOP. Alternatively you can use the packaged version from your Linux distribution, e.g.

    sudo apt-get install fop

    I've tested with 0.95 and 1.0. Don't know why, but I'd prefer 1.0.

  • Download and install Node.js I've tested with 0.4.x so far, 0.6.x should work well; Tell me, if not!

  • //Optional: Download/install qrencode

    sudo apt-get install qrencode
  • Windows Users can use, the executable name is qrcode.exe

  • Clone this project (of course you can fork it) and change to its directory

  • Copy the example setenv script and adopt it to your installation. If fop and node is in your PATH, just set NODE=node and FOP=fop. If not, you have to find out the location of the programs.

    chmod u+x
    # edit the freshly created
  • Download and install Node module dependenies (Windows/Cygwin-Users: run npm in a DOS-Shell. It is said that npm sometimes hangs in Cygwin shell.)

    cd node-app
    npm install
    cd ..

First an initial generation script has to be executed (like make but w/o make):


Now you should be able to run the generator script:

./ sample-multilang

or (much longer)

./ hgoebl

Warnings like the following can be ignored (come from .rtf generation where the number of pages cannot be computed):

    Jan 3, 2012 10:31:42 AM processEvent
    WARNING: Ignored deferred event for[@id=] (start). (See position 1:1945)

After the generation of different output formats and languages works with your environment, you can create your own profile.

  • Choose a name for your new profile (should obey /[A-Za-z0-9-_]/, dot is not ideal and could cause trouble, spaces and non-ASCII characters are evil). For this example, lets assume you chose michaelj as your name.

  • Choose whether you want to create a profile in different languages or only one language. It's not very complicated to switch from single to multi or vice versa. To he honest, it's easier to switch from multi to single, so in case of doubt begin with the multi-language profile.

Multi-Language Profiles

  • Call the create script for multiple languages:

    ./ michaelj
  • Change to the new directory and edit your profile:

    cd profiles/michaelj
  • Edit the profile with your favorite XML editor. If desired, I can provide a XSD for it.

    $EDITOR michaelj.multilang.xml
  • Adopt the languages you want to support (each line contains a simple language code, like 'en', 'de', 'nl', 'fr'). Don't append empty lines or spaces before or after the language code, this could lead to unexpected results.

    $EDITOR supported-languages.txt

Single-Language Profiles

  • Call the create script for only one language:

    ./ michaelj
  • Change to the new directory and edit your profile:

    cd profiles/michaelj
  • Edit the profile with your favorite XML editor. If desired, I can provide a XSD for it.

    $EDITOR michaelj.xml

Generating Output

  • Generate your profile (it can cause problems if you have Acrobat Reader open while re-generating a PDF)

    ./ michaelj
  • You should find generated files in the profiles/michaelj folder.




I'd appreciate your contribution. I'm afraid especially the translation to English is far below optimum. If you're not so familiar with Github/git, you can send mails to me (my mail address is in profiles/hgoebl/hgoebl.multilang.xml).

The easiest way to help is by reporting bugs and/or mail whishes. Don't hesitate!

Add Support for Additional Languages

Edit xslt/i18n.xml and create entries for the new language.

If the format of the postal address differs from {{city}} {{zip}}, you should edit xslt/i18n-support.xsl and add the format for your language. (Of course language is not equal to country, so selecting the postal format upon the language is not the most clever solution.)

After that the script ./ must be executed. If translations for keys are missing, the key will be used instead of the value.

I would be happy if you shared your work with us! If you don't want to clone/fork/... send me the file by mail.

TODO and Known Bugs



Thanks for your help:

  • Thomas Siedschlag (Testing/Adaption to Windows/Cygwin, improvements in XSLT scripts)

This is only a collection of software used:


Profile (aka. CV, Resume) generator for IT freelancers (multi-format, multi-language)







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