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Generates a CV/Resume (in Germany usually called 'profile') for an IT freelancer.

A Mobile Web Application can display the data of the profile / CV.


  • Provide a How-to (editing, features, photos, language support, hosting, ...)
  • Make index.multilang.html work again to simplify testing (w/o generating-step)
  • More comfortable use of single-language profiles (extract language from profile)
  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS; Reduce number of roundtrips for jQuery Mobile application
  • Further development of Sencha Touch application
  • Deal with bigger display viewports like iPad
  • SEO: Add meta-data in HTML-header and PDF (like language, keywords, summary, ...)
  • Refactor XML-structure; provide XSLT script for translating to new version.
  • add availability
  • add privacy attribute (e.g. for E-Mail address, telephone number, ...)
  • handle missing tags gracefully
  • Test with non-httpd Web-Server (do they behave like mod_negotiation?)
  • Provide .cmd files for Microsoft Windows
  • Test/adopt for Cygwin
  • use ant instead of bash scripts?
  • create target directory, copy profiles/... to target; generate to target dir
  • generate download_...php links for Word/PDF/...
  • generate .odt files (or .doc with Apache POI)
  • deal with "a" tag (apply-templates) in project descriptions (don't forget JSON)
  • change xml-parsing to xml2js instead of poor-xml2json.
  • implement Tests with mocha and should
  • implement Selenium / Soda tests for the jQuery Mobile implementation.
  • generate QR-Code images out of web addresses
  • generate *.gz files (for efficient delivery for content-encoding gzip)

Known Bugs

  • Editing contact form in landscape orientation; Keyboard and header/footer hides edit fields almost completely
  • Single-language generation always uses 'en'
  • contact.php must be edited after deployment: uses fixed email addresses