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Opal NLU Type Utility

How to Use

This tool is still in early stages of development, so it is not as user friendly as it could be. That being said, it gets the job done.

1. Write your types.

The example/test.wit.opal file is a good starting point. Write down any types that your applicatoin needs.

2. Run the tool.

Run the Haskell tool using

stack run -- -- <path-to-types>

3. Transfer typescript declarations.

The first thing the tool outputs is a number of typescript declarations. Pull these into your project.

4. Configure Wit.

Using example/ as a guide, set up your Wit application. Change relevant information in the top-level JSON files. Next, add your entity files to the entity directory. They are generated into out/<entity>.json. Finally, use the zip-command in app.json to zip the configuration.

5. Train your Wit application.

After setting up the app (there will be an option to "restore from backup"; use that to upload your zip), enter examples to train the NLU engine.