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Tourist for Visual Studio Code

What's all this about?

Tourist is a tool for documenting your code through "tours", similarly to how an experienced developer may introduce a newer dev to a codebase.

Running the code

Before you can build this project, you need to build tourist from hgoldstein95/tourist. By default, the package.json requires that the two repositories be siblings. This will change when tourist is hosted on npm. After that, remember to run

npm install

in the tourist-vscode directory.

This project is a Visual Studio Code plugin. In order to run the plugin, open the top-level directory in VSCode and simply run the debugger.

A new editor window should open with the Tourist extension running!

Simple Workflow

Start off by creating a separate directory (versioned with git if desired) that will hold your tours. You can use this to keep track of lots of tours of lots of codebases at once.

Create a workspace with your new tour directory, as well as any repositories that you might want to put tour stops in.

Select your tour directory in the file explorer, and then run the "Create a new tour" command to make a new tour file.

Now, you can go from file to file, adding tour stops by right clicking on lines in code and selecting "Add a tour stop" from the context menu. Once you create a stop, you can add a markdown body.

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