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A minimally changed fork of the GLE Tubing and Extrusion library that builds a dll file suitable for use with PyOpenGL under windows.
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The GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library.

This tree includes a small modification to the original tree that
creates a dynamically linked DLL when compiled under windows.
The purpose was to create the necessary gle32.dll required for
PyOpenGL to work under windows and replace the ageing one the was
shipped with PyOpenGL (which was beginning to have dependency issues).

A compiled gle32.dll is included in the root of the repository
and should serve as a drop in replacement for the one shipped with
PyOpenGL. Alternatively, the dll can be compiled within Visual
Studio. The file will need to be manually renamed from gle.dll
to gle32.dll before replacing the PyOpenGL shipped file.

The small mods were done by Alejandro Segovia (and not me!).

The code is a direct fork of that written by Linas Vepstas, who
seemingly is hard to get hold of nowadays (hence the code being
here!). Linas, I'm happy to hand it back whenever you want.
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