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1 parent fc908d3 commit 8f97b899227c583789f3a3aeeb276e681a3e5caf @mariuz mariuz committed May 14, 2014
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@@ -132,12 +132,13 @@ This is a typical error object:
- The sqlcode value is extracted from status vector.
- The message string is built using firebird.msg file.
- [1]:
- [2]:!forum/node-firebird
### Charset for database connection is always UTF-8
node-firebird doesn't let you chose the charset connection, it will always use UTF8.
Node is unicode, no matter if your database is using another charset to store string or blob, Firebird will transliterate automatically.
This is why you should use Firebird 2.5 server at least.
+ [1]:
+ [2]:!forum/node-firebird

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