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cannot insert/update #8

michael88 opened this Issue Sep 29, 2012 · 3 comments

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if i try to insert a record, for example:

conn.execute("insert into code_gema_land (land,wert) values(?,?)",['DE',3]

I get the following error:

ReferenceError: ret is not defined
at /home/michael/node_modules/node-firebird/lib/index.js:965:38
at doCallback (/home/michael/node_modules/node-firebird/lib/index.js:870:9)
at Socket. (/home/michael/node_modules/node-firebird/lib/index.js:1124:13)
at Socket.emit (events.js:67:17)
at TCP.onread (net.js:341:14)

It seems, only select statements are possible , what are I'm doing wrong? (The insert statement ist ok - i checked it with isql)

KiPSOFT commented Sep 29, 2012

hi you try set callback function in execute command ?

conn.execute("insert into code_gema_land (land, wert) values(?, ?)", ['DE', 3], function (result) { });

i dont know just idea.


Yes, I tried it with and without callback function(s).

KiPSOFT commented Sep 29, 2012

oh ok sorry. i tried this yes have a same problem.

@hgourvest hgourvest added a commit that closed this issue Sep 30, 2012
@hgourvest fix #8 e57fc99
@hgourvest hgourvest closed this in e57fc99 Sep 30, 2012
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