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Sendy Prestashop newsletter module

This module is compatible with Prestashop 1.6+ (tested on 1.6.5).

This module is based on Prestashop's block newsletter module, modified to include the possibility of automatically subscribing users to a given Sendy newsletter. It retains all the functionality of the default newsletter module.

It uses a combination of AJAX and PHP curl to smoothly add a subscriber to the list and provide feedback.


  • AJAX powered sign up form
  • Sendy installation does not have to be on the same server
  • Verifies if cURL is setup
  • Allows the user to setup if a self-signed certificate is being used when communicating with Sendy

Set up requirements

  • You will need to have PHP curl extension enabled
  • If your server uses a firewall, you will need to allow the connection to the server that your Sendy is installed on

How to install

  • Download this repository
  • Repack the sendynewsletter folder
  • Upload it in your Prestashop backoffice in the Modules section
  • Alternatively upload the sendynewsletter folder directly to your modules folder


Prestashop Sendy newsletter module



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