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/* See items.c */
uint64_t get_cas_id(void);
item *do_item_alloc(char *key, const size_t nkey, const int flags, const rel_time_t exptime, const int nbytes);
void item_free(item *it);
bool item_size_ok(const size_t nkey, const int flags, const int nbytes);
int do_item_link(item *it); /** may fail if transgresses limits */
void do_item_unlink(item *it);
void do_item_remove(item *it);
void do_item_update(item *it); /** update LRU time to current and reposition */
int do_item_replace(item *it, item *new_it);
char *do_item_cachedump(const unsigned int slabs_clsid, const unsigned int limit, unsigned int *bytes);
void do_item_stats(ADD_STAT add_stats, void *c);
void do_item_stats_sizes(ADD_STAT add_stats, void *c);
void do_item_flush_expired(void);
item *do_item_get(const char *key, const size_t nkey);
item *do_item_get_nocheck(const char *key, const size_t nkey);
void item_stats_reset(void);
extern pthread_mutex_t cache_lock;