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An org-mode exporter to the Confluence Wiki
Emacs Lisp

Org-Mode to Confluence exporter

Cobbled together from various pieces of org-mm.el and org-mw.el with a hint of org-odt.el, All taken from the current org-mode trunk at git://

I would feel embarrassed to claim any copyright on this.


Get a version of org-mode. It is possible to use the latest version of org-mode from git://, but the 7.7 release works too.

Install it and make sure that your emacs has access to the org-export.el file (which is is EXPERIMENTAL). Or use the one provided here.

Copy org-confluence.el onto the load path of the emacs installation.


(require 'org-confluence)

to the .emacs startup file.

If all went well, the command M-x org-confluence-export should write a buffer with a confluence styled export.

What it does

  • bold, italics, underline, strikethrough and monospaced text.
  • headings
  • links
  • support Confluence internal links with confluence:Space:Page notation.
  • BLOCK_SRC and BLOCK_EXAMPLE to code blocks
  • lists (unnumbered and numbered)
  • tables (header lines, body lines)

What it does not

Everything else. It is, pretty much, dumb as a rock.

What would be cool

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